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Bespoke Software Development

  • Had a great idea for an app?
  • Need single sign-on across separate websites?
  • Time to automate expensive manual tasks?
  • Events in one system need pushing to another?

Whatever the reason, partner with Seftech to design & build the right technical solution for your needs, timescale and budget.

From marketing websites to commercial SaaS applications and system integration, we take pride in building high quality software that's intuitive, reliable and secure.

We follow agile development practices, ensuring your feedback directs the solution at regular intervals during development and delivery dates stay on track.

Get in touch for a free estimate.

Mobile Apps

Tap into the 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, with your own bespoke app published for iOS and Android.

Commerce Websites

Built on popular platforms like WordPress and Magento. Integrated with payment and identity providers.

SaaS Apps

Designed and built for you from the ground up with technologies such as Angular, Node.js, C# and MySQL.


Save time and money by replacing painful manual tasks with automated solutions.

API Services

Open your services & data for integration via purpose built, secure, RESTful APIs.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Architecture

Considering a move to the cloud? Consult our Cloud Solution Architect for a secure and stable design.

Go Cloud Native

Containerise your services to reduce costs and unlock automated scaling, monitoring and recovery.

Highly Available Solutions

Delivering a mission-critical cloud application? Consult us to plan fail-over solutions for your recovery objectives.

Continuous Deployments

Safely ship new features on-demand, with automated IaaC deployment pipelines and ARM templates.

OAuth & OpenID

Integrate with identity services via open protocols for seamless authentication and integration.

We architect and implement cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure, typically working with entrepreneurs needing technical delivery of an idea or enterprises looking at the benefits of Cloud and improved DevOps practices.

Consultation activities may include:

  • Prototyping solutions to help understand risks, costs and delivery times for business plans.
  • Designing cloud architecture to meet the operational and quality attributes you require.
  • Supply technical roadmaps for cloud and DevOps projects with timelines and estimates.
  • Working with your team on DevOps processes, e.g. IaaC automated delivery pipelines.
  • Establish guidelines for best practices and quality regarding cloud software and DevOps.
  • Provide unbiased advice for your project's architecture, processes and implementation.
  • Assist with the migration or implementation of containerised 'Cloud Native' services.

Managed Website Hosting

Your Web Partner

No technical knowledge required!

We'll set-up and manage your web hosting, so you can focus on business.

Need changes or support? Just call us for a chat and we'll get it sorted!

On your behalf we'll look after your web code, data, passwords, SSL and DNS.

No more control panels!

Tailored Fit

Secured hosting designed to handle your user load and technical needs.

All hosting benefits from:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Daily replicated backups

Additional options include:

  • DDoS attack protection
  • Custom SSL certificates
  • Fast global CDN
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • SSH/FTP access

Simple Pricing

Managed options that won't cost the earth.

Get a simple quotation, divided into three costs based on your needs:

  • Initial set-up fee
  • Annual hosting fee
  • Support SLA or Ad-hoc rate

Choose either a support SLA package or ad-hoc support at a fixed rate.

Decide to move away? No worries, we return your web assets for free.

Health Checks

We check your website is up and running 24/7/365, so you don't have to!

What's more, if things aren't right and we can fix it, we absolutely will.

Not something you find in an off the shelf package!

Things we monitor:

  • Global website availability
  • Website traffic load
  • SSL encryption rating
  • Data back-up success
  • Updates for your CMS

Small Business Office IT

Small Business IT

Small business owner in the East Midlands?

We offer ad-hoc support around the clock and provide heaps of services:

  • Office 365 management
  • Network design and installation
  • Router and firewall config
  • Network security analysis
  • Automated offsite backups
  • Computers built and maintained
  • Mobile phone/device set-up
  • ISO 27001 compliance

Cyber Security

Do your office guests use a separate, restricted, Wi-Fi network?

Are all networked devices up to date, with regular virus & vulnerability scans?

Is offsite email and document access protected with Multi-Factor Authentication?

If not your network defences should be improved against cyber attack and to conform with ISO 27001 standards.

Office 365

Keep your team connected in the office and on the move with Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive, enabling seamless collaboration for a fixed monthly cost.

Seftech make your transition hassle free, with minimum downtime, email/document migration and continued support.

Already using O365 and need it to be managed? Drop us a line.

Backup & Recovery

Does your team work on files using a shared folder on a workstation or network server?

What would the impact to you and your clients be if it's deleted, stolen or infected?

Safeguard your business data with automated secure offsite backups and a recovery plan.

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About Seftech

We may be a small business, but we have serious skills!

Since starting in 2008 Seftech Solutions has helped many clients achieve their technical aspirations.

We build strong connections with our clients by providing friendly, expert, support without the confusing cyber-babble!

Andrew Sephton, proprietor and tech-guru, has 12+ years professional experience. Including full stack web development, network engineering and Software/Cloud Solution Architect in recent years.

When we aren't busy working on projects for our clients we are honing our skills and staying up to date developing our own range of SaaS and Mobile applications.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and add a friendly technical problem solver to your toolbox!